How I ALWAYS Save on Diapers

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Hey guys. It’s Monday. Not only is it Monday, but it’s the Monday after Daylight Savings and my son has 3 teeth coming in… I’m pretty sure coffee is the only thing left running through my veins. Nevertheless, we’re here and we keep moving on. It’s just what moms do, right? 🙂 Plus, I’m beginning to think I function better on a steady ‘less-than-6-hours-of-sleep’ routine.

Anyways, amidst the chaos of this weekend, I noticed today that I was getting low on my diaper stash shoved away in his closet, and should probably start planning on reeling in some more stock as we approach the next diaper size. That being said, it requires a little effort, but for the most part, I’ve been gathering my tools over the past few weeks.

If you’re someone like me who doesn’t mind doing just a LITTLE extra effort to save money on the things you buy, then I think my diaper saving strategy can really come in handy. Plus, you’ve probably noticed what I’ve noticed over the course of my mild coupon obsession: there is some form of diaper coupon available almost every week.

For the average shopper, that can be nice. Just grab one and go when it’s time to buy a pack of diapers. But if you’re like me? It’s actually kinda awesome! Here’s how I manage to avoid paying full price for all of our diapers:

Every week I’ll skim through and (regardless if I’m actually going to the store that week or not) and I’ll keep an eye out for coupons on diapers. I generally try to lean towards the coupons for the smaller packs, and not the big boxes. To be honest, I’ll probably print off both when I see them (I’m a ‘better safe then sorry’ kinda gal).

As I see them, I’ll print them off and set them aside. Typically, when you print off coupons, the expiration dates extend out to approximately 1 month from the date you printed them. I’ll print the coupons off online, but Meijer also offers manufacturer coupons through their mPerks app so that one counts as an additional coupon. Make sure you check your store if they have a similar set up! I know Walgreens has coupons through their app as well.

Once I’ve gathered up a few coupons (or we’re starting to run low on diapers) I’ll start looking out for sales on diapers. Typically, I aim for sales at Meijer since that is the store I normally shop at but I’ll also check out the KrazyKoupon lady app for other stores I don’t mind stopping at in the area (if you don’t have this already, you need to download it). The people who run this app go out and match up store sales to coupons circulating and provide you with the best deals for that week. This is a HUGE time saver! Plus, it makes me feel better knowing I didn’t miss anything in my own hunt.

Once I find them on sale (again, aiming for the smaller packs rather than the big boxes – I’ll explain in a second), then I’ll go out and make the purchase.


  • I’m not brand or style specific.
    • I have the types that I know fit my son best, but depending on his weight, I’ve noticed that those diaper styles vary as he grows.
  • I aim to purchase the smaller packs
    • I know those larger boxes will take a little while to work through, but you can only use one coupon per item. By purchasing multiple, smaller packs, I can maximize savings by using one coupon per pack (careful, some stores and coupons limit how many similar coupons you can use per transaction)
    • The smaller packs make it easier to interchange between brands and styles without wasting a bunch of 1 type.
    • Right now, Bradley is nearing the end of his size 3 diapers, so soon we will be branching onto size 4. By purchasing the smaller packs, I reduce the risk of having a bunch left over after we switch sizes.

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