You Don’t Need To Do It All


Dear Momma,

I get it. I get the long work days, the even longer nights. I get the never ending pile of dishes and bottles that need to be cleaned. The constant interruptions of children that need you and need you NOW. I get the bills that need to be paid and the feeling like there’s never really enough money to go around. I get only sleeping roughly 2 hours a night for weeks at a time and not getting any breaks.

I get having all of that going on in the background and still having everyone under the sun trying to chime in their 2 cents about parenting. I get feeling like everyone knows your child better than you do or hardly spending time with them during the week.

I get feeling like it’s never enough. That the house is never clean enough for your child. That you never spend enough quality time with them; yet having so many goals to build the best life for them.

I get it. I really do. But you know what?..

I also get that in the early years, the kids won’t remember how much you were working. So it’s better to get it out of the way while you can.

I get that they won’t have a CLUE what the bank account looked like, but they’ll remember blanket forts in the living room and helping you make dinner.

I get that they’ll learn to appreciate making memories, rather than having the ‘newest and greatest’ toys.

I get that sometimes, moms need to take care of themselves, in order to better take care of their families.

It may not seem like it now, but whatever struggle you’re facing; whether it be making the bills, or having confidence that you’re making the right choices for them as a parent. It will pass.

The long days, the stressful and frustrating moments; they will all one day be a memory.

The best thing we can do as parents is to continue pressing forward. Take breaks when you need them, quit the jobs that make you miserable. Hit the snooze button in the morning when you can.

There is NOTHING wrong with wanting the best for your family. There is NOTHING wrong with busting your be-hind to get there. And there is NOTHING wrong with asking for help.

What is wrong, is mindlessly going through the motions. Forgetting to evaluate where you are and what your goals are. Forgetting to nurture yourself along the way and becoming a burnt-out pile of a human without the strength or will power to get out of bed in the morning.

The world will tell you all of the ‘wrong’ ways to be a mother. No one will point out all of the ‘right’ ways. It’s easier to point fingers at what someone else is doing wrong (aka different) as a way to make themselves feel better about the uncertain decisions they’re making.

Wake up with the mindset and determination to get your life and family a step closer to where you want to be. You can ABSOLUTELY do whatever you put your mind to, but by no means do you have to kill yourself trying.

There seems to be this unspoken rule about motherhood that we all need to be miserable in order to be doing our best. I call ‘BS’. Our kids need us there. They need our positive interactions just as much as we need to giggle and play with them. Money can’t buy those memories

You are enough. You do enough. Don’t get so lost in everything that ‘needs’ to be done, that you forget why you’re doing it. Keep on fighting. Keeping on striving for that better life. Just remember what you’re fighting for, and remember what really matters at the end of each day.

Life is too short and these days really do go too fast…

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