5 Items NOT to Waste Money On

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In this day and age, everything is built around convenience. Fast food is probably the biggest example. What many people don’t realize, is that a lot of our day-to-day items may appear to be necessities, but in fact fall into this same ‘convenience’ category. Below are 5 types of everyday items, that I choose to skip purchasing to save the extra cash!

1.Disposable Kitchen Items

By this I mean paper plates, plastic utensils, disposable cups, etc. The only exception I may make in this category is if we’re throwing a party. Partially because I don’t want to deal with the immense pile of dishes afterwards, but mainly due to the fact that I don’t have 20-30 plates in my household to accompany that many people at one time. For the day-to-day goings in my house, I skip them. The only difference I notice is that we have less trash, and that I have a little more dishes to do on a regular basis; but they get thrown into the dishwasher anyways! If we want to go even FURTHER on the subject, having less trash means we’re not changing our kitchen garbage AS much, so we’re saving on garbage bags too!

2. Bottled Water

So this can kind of depend on your situation. Right now, our house runs off of well water. When we purchased the house, we put in a whole-house water filter, but we also filter our drinking water through our fridge. For my son, we make all his formula with the gallons of Nursery Water (as many people do). My point is, not all of the houses around here have the whole-house filter in place, and I understand that not everyone just has the extra money to go out and put these things in place.

However, there are cheaper alternatives to bottled water such as the pitchers with filters in them. Even now a days they are water bottles with built in filters. I personally like this one. These can come in handy for those of you that may be stuck on well water or in an apartment complex where you don’t really get a say in the type of water you’re supplied with. Even for college students living in the dorms! My sister uses that water bottle now since she lives on a college campus and doesn’t quite trust the tap water.

3. Pre-made dessert, muffin and pancake mixes.

I would really like to say ALL pre-mix food. But I’m going to be honest. We’re both working parents, and sometimes a Hamburger Helper meal is just going to happen one night. On the side note to that though, I do not buy items like the brownie, cake, muffin, or pancake mixes. These items really are easy to whip up quick at home from scratch and the ingredients in them are much cheaper to by overall. There are PLENTY of different recipes to find on Pinterest, some even to make those pre-mixes at home so when you want to whip up a quick batch of brownies, you just need your mix and a couple ingredients like you would on those store bought packages.

4. Swiffer Refills

This one really gets me. Swiffers are really SO convenient compared to their counter parts of trying to clean. It’s so much easier to grab a Swiffer, a pad and quickly mop up instead of filling up my sink (or a bucket) and going through all those steps. Especially when there really is only a couple minutes to get it done with a young child on your hands. But one disappointing thing I noticed was that I was going through those refill pads like they were nothing just clean my 1200 sq ft house. They really don’t last in effectiveness when you have sticky floors, or dogs trailing in mud in the Spring. I’ve found a more efficient, cost-effective, and equally as convenient method. Find a rag (I use micro-fiber like the ones HERE), attach it to the Swiffer device like you would one of their pads, and then use a Squirt-to-Mop solution like the one by Method that you can find HERE. The rag allows for a little more scrubbing power and by using a Squirt-to-Mop product, you’re able to add as you go and more in the harder areas that need a little more cleaning.

The same applies to the Swiffer Dusters, absolutely LOVE the convenience of them, rather than having to grab a rag and move everything around that I need to dust. Those little wands make dusting so quick and easy, but the refills can add up quick. [HERE] you can find some reusable replacements for roughly the same cost of the disposable ones at the store. Whoever first came up with this idea, is a sheer genius!

5. Shaving Cream

Now, this one really depends on who you are. I understand that it may be a ‘must-have’ for some people depending on your skin type. For me? I really see little difference in lathering up with some body wash instead. Plus, I never feel like those cans provide much for what you’re spending. And since I always receive some body wash as gifts from the Holidays, what better way to use it up!

The items you can do without will vary depending on your household needs, the point is that you take a look at the things around you and decide what is really a NEED. Sometimes the little extra effort you may have to put into something, is entirely worth those monetary savings!

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