Nervous about Aldi?

I recently posted on a couple ways to save money on groceries, since it’s probably the easiest place to cut back on when you need to save money fast. One of the tips I had listed was to shop at Aldi. I will be honest and admit that I was SO skeptical about Aldi when I first started reading posts about it. I live in the Suburbs of Chicago, where it’s not uncommon to find higher end grocery stores like Whole Foods and Fresh Thyme nearby. Since not many people I know shop at Aldi, I really had to go out on a whim and trust the world of blogging for help on this one.

If you’re skeptical about checking it out, I suggest doing what I did:


If you’re a Pinterest-lover like I am, just search ‘Aldi’ on your main screen and a bunch of posts will come up with the inside scoop on who they are, what they carry, and their overall set up. *Spoiler alert* You do need to bring a quarter to use a shopping cart as well as bring your own bags (or boxes!) to take your items home in. Those two tips are probably the most important thing to remember. They may seem like an inconvenience, but this helps the store keep their expenses low, and in turn, keep your product costs down.

Scope it out

One day when I had some time to kill, I popped over to the Aldi near us and just walked around. I got a feel for the layout, saw what items they did carry as well as their prices so I could see if it would be worth my effort to shop there. This definitely helped ease my mind about my first real trip in there since I would no longer be walking in blind. There’s nothing I hate more then being the person who’s trying to get their life together in the middle of the diary aisle. I like to be prepared when I go grocery shopping and I don’t want to be circling the store 20 times over because I don’t know where everything is!

Dive on in!

I promise giving Aldi a shot will be worth your while. I don’t shop there every week for all my groceries because there are certain things I (aka my husband) want the brand name for. Hell would freeze over the day I brought home a Ranch Dressing that wasn’t Hidden Valley.

The point is, that even for the trips to Aldi I make every 2-3 times I get groceries, the amount of money I save is completely worth every second!

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