Starting a Baby Registry?

At the end of this month my once teeny-tiny son will be turning 8 months. In retrospect it’s not that big of a deal, but as a working mom I feel like I’ve missed a lot.

We can save my sob story for another post though. What I really wanted to talk about was that I’ve been thinking back on the past year lately and realized it was about this time last year that I started making Bradley’s baby registry. After going through ALL of the hassle of trying to get this ‘just right’ I learned one very valuable, and completely unexpected thing…


To many this may be old news; but I always thought BabiesRUs was expensive and a hassle to deal with. BOY WAS I WRONG. I can’t put into words how much I want to tell all the expecting mommies to register with them. I even have the urge to walk up to complete strangers at the store to tell them how WONDERFUL it is! Don’t worry, I haven’t… yet.

So lets get down to what makes this registry SO wonderful:

1. Returns for 1 year AFTER the date of your child’s birth.

Yeah. No receipt required. If you keep something from your shower that you think you’ll use, and you end up not – you can still return it months later without a fuss! I had my shower in April 2016, Bradley was born in July and I JUST returned a crib bumper last weekend (Feb 2017). They pulled up my registry and gave me a store credit. Store Credit may seem like a bummer, but when you think about the fact that they sell diapers, wipes, clothes, baby food, formula, etc; I PROMISE you’ll use it!

2. Someone sits down with you and goes over some major brands and their differences.

I don’t know about you, but my husband and I had NO idea what we were REALLY going to need for a child. To us, a bottle was a bottle. Just pick one and go. NOPE! There are so many different styles of bottles, car seats, baby monitors etc. When we were setting up our registry (in-store) the lady was so great about flipping through some of their best-sellers and recommendations. She went through explaining what was great about each one, so WE could make an informed decision based off our needs and wants.

Now I understand that a large part of that, is just a sales tactic. But I still greatly appreciated it because it was a lot of the basic knowledge about things that I otherwise wouldn’t have known where to begin with.

3. Ease of managing the registry

Their online platform for managing the registry was relatively easy to use. If I changed my mind on something, or wanted to edit our desired quantities, easy-peasy. Also in store, they gave those cool little scanning guns that you see in the movies. I think my husband had more fun playing with that thing than he cares to admit! Managed to keep him engaged though. As excited as he was, and as much as he loves our son… he’s really not one for shopping haha.

4. Free shipping online on orders over $19

I know BabiesRUs isn’t super easy to get to depending on where you live. Even I wish I had one closer. But people who order off of that registry won’t be charged for shipping on orders over $19. Better than the $50 or $100 minimum most other places have!

Now, of course I saved the BEST for last…


This was HUGE to me! If you set up a rewards card when you start a registry, then a percentage of everything purchased off your list gets banked up, and then sent to you on a gift card so many weeks after your child is born. I believe it’s 5% on the first $300 and then 10% on all purchases after that!

These purchases include your own off the registry too! So what we did was add our crib, dresser, stroller/car seat, even the rocker for our living room; onto that registry and we got cash back on it all! I actually left the vast majority of the stuff we wanted on this registry to get people to try and buy from here so we would get the gift card later. I think we ended up getting a $300 gift card when Bradley hit 3 months old! That helped me stock up on diapers and food for when he started eating the purees.

When it comes to Baby Registries, you want to find something that your guests can easily shop at, yet offers what you truly want and need for your child. Going into it, I honestly didn’t expect to create a registry with them but they blew me out of the water. Even if you’ve already planned out your registries, check them out. They may come in handy even after your little one has arrived.

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