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What Blogging Means for My Family

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I know there are plenty of people among my friends and family that can be a little taken back when I say I started a blog. No one around us really does that. And nowadays moms who can work for larger businesses and corporations are expected to do so. I work outside of the home right now, but after having my son I had a epiphany…


Why do I need to work full time out of the house, and leave my kids with someone else (family or not) so they can teach them to give high-fives, take their first steps, etc. Why did I have my son then? I carried him those 9 months day dreaming about the things we would do together. The trips to the park, the messy arts n crafts at the kitchen table.

But what’s my reality?

Waking up and leaving for work as he gets up. Then getting off of work and getting him ready for bed. Then I get to spend my weekends cleaning the house and doing laundry while I care for him and my husband is gone at work. Very little time for ACTUAL bonding.

I can’t tell you how much I hate other people telling me more about my son than what I know about him. Absolutely hate it.


My husband and I would discuss it frequently. The benefit of having me at home while our kids are little would be terrific! Not only does he currently work security at a nearby hospital, but he’s also enlisted with the Army Reserves which has proven to be a larger time commitment then we were anticipating. One day, he is going to have to deploy. While I’ve wrapped my brain around him being gone, and I FULLY understand needing to put ‘the big girl pants on’ to get things taken care of; what sort of life is that for our kids? Regardless if it’s just temporary, that would be MONTHS of no Dad and hardly seeing Mom.
We could get through it, yeah. But why should I accept just ‘going through the motions’ while he’s gone?

Of course while I was on maternity leave, I was researching every which-way I could cut costs, save money, make one income work for us. The only way to make it work though, and live comfortably (I like couponing, but I’m not going EXTREME on it) would be for my husband to sacrifice HIS time with the family and bust his butt to get a REALLY well paying job.


I love my husband, and I would be DEVASTATED if I were to lose him. But the reality of life is that anything could happen. His career field doesn’t exactly scream ‘safe’ either. I need to be in a position that Heaven forbid something were to happen; I could still take care of our kids.


I had that light bulb moment late one night after Bradley was in bed. I was sitting on the computer, obsessing over finances while my husband was away with the Army doing some training…

Blogging could be our saving grace. It could mean working my own hours, at the convenience of our family and still being able to provide financially. Even if it took a while to really bring in a substantial paycheck. It could offset my full time income and help me transition to a part time job outside of the house.

Sure, there are PLENTY of stories of blogs failing and/or taking forever to generate any sort of income. But the way I see it, you get out what you put in. I’m sure a large amount of the ‘failed blogging’ percentage are people that started and didn’t realize just HOW MUCH it takes. Heck, I’m still scratching that surface. But for something that could be SO life changing to my family… I’d rather give it my all, and fail; then look back in 5 years and wonder if I could’ve made it happen.


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