5 Baby Items Worth Buying & 5 to Skip

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The internet is full of PLENTY of lists on what you should have for baby. Most retailers will give you one once you create a registry as well but it all honesty… half of that stuff isn’t a NECESSITY. Here are the 5 things I learned were worth every penny, and 5 items that I lost no sleep over not having:


  1. Gripe Water  – this can be found at any local drug store. It’s an all natural supplement that helps ease upset stomach and excessive gas in babies. My poor little boy was so difficult to burp and had trouble passing gas so this stuff was really a life saver. I wasn’t keen on the idea until I realized that it just wasn’t worth having the poor little guy in pain if I could offer an easy solution.
  2. Joovy2 Play Pen  – I have yet to find this in store and I’m really surprised by that. There are many Pack-n-Plays that are a standard size and I thought would do just fine. Turns out we couldn’t fully use it until Bradley was big enough to sit on his own and by that point, there wasn’t a whole lot of room for him to move around in it. The Joovy2 brand is 40″x 40″ which is plenty of space to move and I actually like the pad on the bottom much better too. You can see it HERE
  3.  Swaddle blankets – prefer Muslin because they are larger so it’s hard for arms to break out of; also fits babies longer. There are also easy to Velcro options for those that don’t even want to fuss with learning how to get the wrap JUST right. I will probably invest in a couple of those for our next child as well.
  4. Nipple Balm (for you breastfeeding Mamas) – don’t even attempt to nurse without it. Apply it after EVERY FEEDING. I mean it, even after the first attempt in the hospital or if you’re pumping. This makes SUCH a huge difference for those that are really wanting to nurse. My personal recommendation is the Lansinoh brand.
  5. Vicks Vaporizer/ Humidifier  – we got one once Bradley had his first cold. He absolutely hates having his nose sucked and the last thing I want to do is get him worked up when he’s calming down and getting ready for bed. Having a humidifier or vaporizer that can use Vicks helps keep their breathing passages clear so they (and you) can get a better nights rest.


  1. Diaper Genie – tried it, hated it after he moved to size 1 diapers. Great idea, but you can’t fit more than a handful of diapers in the unit at a time and replacements inserts cost WAY more than basic trash bags. I actually started feeding regular trash bags through it and then eventually caved and just about another trash can which was MUCH easier to use.
  2. Wipe Warmer – never bought one and never wished that we had one. He never seemed to react if the wipes were a little cooler. Obviously every child will be different, so trust your gut on this one.
  3. Bottle Drying Rack – bought one and returned it. I’ve always just propped my bottles on rack in the sink or a towel and they dried just fine.
  4. Multi-piece outfits prior to at least 6 months of age  – with how frequently you change diapers, it’s not even worth the hassle of pants! I’ll be writing another post soon about what types of outfits are best for what ages. In all reality, he’s worn the one piece PJ’s  more than anything.
  5. Baby Shoes – Sure, they’re super cute; but we didn’t bother with his first pair until he was utilizing his walker. If their feet aren’t touching the floor, then they’re not at risk of getting dirty. The only time I’d think to use them is if it’s cold out… but when Bradley was little all we did was cover him with a blanket and he did just fine. Granted, we weren’t outside for long periods of time in the cold when he was really small.

Every child will be different, and everyone’s situation is different. Ultimately, these are the things I realized after having our first child and will definitely keep in mind when we decided to have our second.

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