5 Tips to Achieving Your Goals

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I know I skipped posting last week and although it eats at my mild OCD I think it was ultimately for the best.

Despite my failure to generate a weekly post, I did succeed in many different areas of my life last week and I think those successes ultimately help me full circle in achieving the goals I have for this page over time.

Last week instead of creating a new post, I took a step back to assess my life and the direction it was headed. I had a lot of vague goals of what I wanted for our family and for me personally but no real path on how to make those goals happen.

Last week my husband reminded me of the drive and determination I used to have when we were younger (I say that like we’re ‘old’ now), but his statement stuck with me throughout that night and into the next day. Even today. What was it about now, that made achieving my goals so much harder?

The answer: My Mindset.

I’ve wasted so much time walking in circles squawking about all of the things that I was upset about. Letting them filter into the various aspects of my life and poison my overall mindset on life.

I was exhausted every day because I was emotionally draining myself by obsessing over the same things which of course weren’t changing. I was doing absolutely nothing to better those troubled areas of my life. Even more, I was complaining to anyone that would listen. I was the walking plague of negatively. Kudos to all my friends who have been putting up with me!

My husband reminded me of the stubborn pain in the butt that I am who wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. That once upon a time, I had goals that I worked towards achieving. I wasn’t scared of putting in the time and effort necessary to reach those goals.

After that night I took a couple hours to myself the next morning to do what I enjoy and find to be relaxing: shop. It’s not even really shopping to be fair, it’s mainly wandering around craft stores with coffee in hand looking for inspiration.

That time ended me with my vegetable garden for the year started up and some colorful pens to use in a planner I already have. Those colorful pens have made getting organized and executing my goals that much more fun.

Aside from my bit of rambling I thought this post would be a good one to remind us Momma’s that we too are allowed to have our own goals as well as some tips to achieving them… so let me know what you think!

5 Tips to Achieving Your Goals:

      1. Write it Down
          There’s something about the satisfaction of crossing an item off of your ‘to-do’ list. If I write it down, I feel more obligated to complete that task because I hate leaving items open on my lists! That being said, find a spot to write your big goal down, and then other areas to write out smaller goals or ‘steps’ towards achieving that larger one!
      2. Break One Goal Down into Smaller, Achievable Goals
          If your goal is to lose weight, what steps are you going to take each day in order to reach that goal? Think of the smaller goals as a plan to follow that makes the larger goal achievable.
      3.  Plan Days Out so the Little Goals are Easier to Reach
          Now that you have the larger goal broken down into smaller steps; it’s time to schedule the small steps into your day so they are seamless to complete. If you have a set time when you can knock one of the steps off, it’s easier to get it down rather than move through your day and randomly try to see where you can fit it in
      4. Get Them Done
          Once that time of day comes around to complete the smaller task, just get it done. Bite the bullet suck it up and complete that small step towards your larger goal
      5. Let the Momentum Build
          Now that your ball is in motion, don’t let it stop. Carry on from one task to the next. This is really the key to ultimately reaching that larger, all encompassing goal. To take a common goal for example; many people when trying to achieve weight loss, gain the weight back after they’ve allowed 1 cheat day to turn into several. In this situation, their ‘healthy habit’ ball rolled to a stop and now they need to get back on track and start pushing that ball back into movement. It’s much easier to keep the ball in motion then it is to move it from a dead stop.


  1. We all have goals we want to achieve. Whether they be personal, financial, career, etc. They are there. If we’re not taking the appropriate actions to move towards those goals, then we aren’t doing much else then walking in circles full of mindless babble. We also all know of that person who constantly talks about all of their goals, without ever pursuing them. Do you want to be that person?

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Writing it down is how I improve my sleep quality. So many of us try to sleep with a million thoughts in our heads, or great ideas we want to remember. Keep a tablet and pen next to the bed, or get out of bed, and write those thoughts down. Be brief. Go back to bed and you’ll sleep more peacefully and wake up refreshed, ready to tackle your list.