What I Learned From 40 Days Without Sugar

At the beginning of 2020, I embarked on my first 40-day sugar fast.

Long story short, sugar and I have a long and complicated history.  After dealing with intense mood swings, exhausted, and hiding sweets from my husband and kids–I decided to make a serious change.


Why no sugar for 40 days?

Sugar and I have a long and complicated history.  As a kid, I learned to run to sugar to escape negative feelings, and I carried this habit into adulthood.

I got tired of feeling guilty and ashamed of hiding food, and ultimately hiding myself.

I got tired of the mood swings and feeling irritable 80% of the time.

I got tired of waking up with a foggy brain, and crashing in the late afternoon every. Single. Day.

And God started to impress on my heart that He wanted to fill the spaces I was shoveling sugar into.  He wanted to be my support, my comfort, and my peace.

I wanted to be free.  So I made a decision.


Sugar Highs and Lows

The first week without added sweeteners and flour was rough.  I ate a LOT of fruit and rX bars, which probably wasn’t ideal–but baby steps, am I right?

Once I got past the first week, I felt amazing.

Right around Day 30, I hit a wall and was in full detox mode.  But after that, I felt amazing again.


3 Tips for a Successful Sugar Fast


1. Pray first. 

I needed supernatural help from God to complete this fast and embark on a sugar-less lifestyle.


2. Don’t go it alone. 

Gather support from friends or family, or find an accountability group online.


3. Keep moving forward. 

If you mess up, acknowledge your mistake and keep it moving.  God knows we are only human.  Imperfect progress is still progress.

If you’re on the fence about giving up sugar–just take the leap.  You have nothing to lose–except maybe acne, mood swings, and headaches.  I wish I’d done it sooner.

I hope you found this post encouraging.  I highly recommend the 40 Day Sugar Fast book if you have been thinking of doing your own sugar fast.


Resources for Your Fast

The 40-Day Sugar Fast  – Wendy Speake

Sign up here to join Wendy’s next annual sugar fast.

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