How we homeschool math for independent learning | Teaching Textbooks curriculum review (VIDEO)

Are you looking for a math curriculum that your child can work through independently?  If you are a working homeschool parent, or you just want someone else to teach math, let me show you a solution that’s been working pretty well for us this year.

Our family is pretty relaxed in our homeschooling about many things.  But when it comes to math—I really want my kids to have a solid foundation. Since math is not my favorite subject, I really needed either a class, a tutor, or a good self-paced curriculum. Classes and tutoring can get expensive, especially if your family is on the larger side. 

That is why I was so happy to come across Teaching Textbooks.  Teaching Textbooks is a digital, self-paced math course for grade 3 all the way up to Pre-Calculus. My daughter has been using Teaching Textbooks for Algebra I for several months now with good results.

Watch the video below for my full review and get a sneak peek at the app.  Scroll all the way to the bottom for a free offer.


Automatic grading makes for easy recordkeeping.  Within the gradebook, I can see the overall course average, the amount of time left in the course, as well as scores for each lesson.  I can easily roll back whole lessons or individual problems if my student needs more practice.

Open-and-go, interactive video lessons allow for independent learning. Help is readily available whenever needed by way of hints, second chances, and tutoring by phone.

Students can take notes in the app using the scratchpad on a touchscreen mobile device.  

The app is available online and offline.


Preview an Algebra 1 lesson here:


This is why we have been loving Teaching Textbooks so far:

  • The video lessons are engaging, colorful – great for visual learners and those who get bored easily. 
  • My daughter can work completely independently. If she needs help and I’m not available (or—let’s be real–my husband because he’s our resident math tutor), she can use hints and second chances, and even call in for free tutoring by phone.
  • I get an email whenever my daughter finishes a lesson with a summary of her progress. All the grading and averages are done for me, which makes recordkeeping a no brainer.
  • I can rollback her lessons if she needs a do-over, and if we need a break, we can pause the entire course for up to 3 months. Each course comes with 12 months of access.


Here are a few things to consider before you purchase this curriculum:

  • There are 20-25 practice problems for each lesson. Personally, for my children, I feel that 10-15 problems would be more than enough.  The ability to adjust the number of problems would be a nice feature, but I’ve been hard-pressed to find a digital math course that offers that yet.
  • Teaching Textbooks courses are easy to use across a variety of mobile devices, which is perfect if you need to homeschool on-the-go.
  • If you live in an area with spotty internet, the app can be used offline as well.

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Could Teaching Textbooks be a good fit for your homeschool?

Try before you buy with a free trial.  You’ll get to try 15 lessons with no time limit and no credit card required.  When you purchase after the trial, all of your student’s work will transfer over to the course.  You can try as many of Teaching Textbooks’ math courses as you like at no cost.

This post is sponsored by Teaching Textbooks.

How are you homeschooling math this year?  Let me know in the comments!


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