Our 2022 Homeschool Curriculum Haul: Elementary through High School

It’s one thing to start homeschooling.  Choosing curriculum is a whole thing all on its own.  Where do you even begin?

When we started homeschooling several years ago, I maxed out my mental energy and my budget with a huge haul of textbooks.  I went full-on “school at home” mode–and this approach, while suitable for many, did not serve our family well.

In the past couple of years, my homeschool shopping sessions have felt much more exciting and hopeful than stressful and expensive.

Instead of grade levels and state standards, our curriculum choices are dictated by our interests and the skills we want to build. Anything that helps us learn about the world around us or the skills we need to thrive in daily life, becomes our curriculum.

Our homeschool is not perfect.  I’ve bought resources we have never used.  We don’t finish every book.  There is a price to pay to see your child come alive and take ownership of their education.  I have to relinquish control and embrace flexibility over and over again.  

Most of all, I must release my white-knuckle grip on the outcome–and my selfish ambitions pertaining to my children and their future.

But–I trust that the One who started this good work will be faithful to complete it.  I believe the reward far outweighs the sacrifices.

In this video, I share the feast of resources we’ve found so far this year.

What resources have you found this year?  What are your children loving in their homeschool?  Let me know in the comments!


I’ve found that the easiest way to stick to your homeschool budget is to start with a vision.  Want to know more? 

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